Employee of the Month, May 2013

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2013

CON AKAKIOS - Casa Leisure – Indoor Soccer

Con has a long history within our facilities even before he become actively involved in umpiring and delivering various soccer / futsal programs. For instance, he used to play soccer at St Clair around 30 years ago and had been umpiring at the Hub well before we were awarded the management contract there.

In recent years, Con has been umpiring soccer at Marion on Sunday nights, running clinics at Marion on Monday afternoons then driving to the Hill for Monday night soccer. He also umpires Tuesday and Wednesday competitions at the Hub.

The interaction Con has with individual players and teams is second to none. But more recently, Con has been the driving force to re-establish the Monday night soccer at The Hill. The competition effectively died away late last year and ever since Con has been determined to get it back. Over the last couple months this program has been back running and now has 8 teams as of the end of May. All credit for this must go to Con after being given the green light to actively pursue past teams and other teams from other competitions.

Con enthusiasm and passion for our indoor soccer programs in an asset and it’s great that he’s received this recognition. Well done Con!

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:
Tijanna Bibis – “...a big smile and great attitude to members at 6am” – Customer Service, Marion
Jess Dover – “such a friendly welcome when I come to the gym” – Customer Service, Marion
Rhonda Lello – “fantastic step classes & instructor” - Fitness Instructor, Marion
Leanne Ettridge – “brilliant teacher and fantastic instructor” - Fitness Instructor, Marion
Adam Plociennik – “so welcoming, funny, friendly and motivating” - Fitness Instructor, Marion
Tom O’Neil – “brilliant & interacted well with the children, Very happy with his efforts” – Vacation Care, Marion
Hannah Pridham – “brilliant & interacted well with the children, Very happy with her efforts” – Vacation Care, Marion
Sandra Freeman – “Amazing care for kids” – Crèche, Seaford
Charlie Williams – “friendly and helpful” – Customer Service, Seaford
Kathy Mendy – “fantastic care in the crèche” – Crèche, Seaford
Ashlee Fagermo – “Bootcamp is excellent” - Fitness Instructor, Seaford
Martin Sumner – “gives exceptional service & a positive attitude....if I have any problems he is quick to resolve them” – Customer Service / Sports Program, Hub