Employee of the Month, April 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

LEE MURDOCH - Hub Recreation Centre

“Lee is an excellent instructor and very approachable”

“I’m enjoying the Strength for Life sessions, Lee is very good, makes sure we work to our individual limits and the social side is a great benefit”

“Thank you, my program and Lee’s leadership is excellent. I’m making progress.”

This is just a sample of written feedback we’ve received since Lee took over the Strength for Life class late last year. At the time, the class was averaging 8 participants per session. The class now averages 14 people per session. Lee’s fantastic attitude, experience and ability to relate to the participants is ultimately the reason for the growth in class attendance.

Lee consistently goes beyond just being the instructor. She believes in what she does and makes the extra effort to create a fun, sociable and engaging environment. Through these traits, Lee embodies what Casa Leisure is about and what we try to provide for the community as a whole; without people like Lee it wouldn’t be possible.

Well done Lee and keep up the great work!

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:
Charlie Williams – “A real asset to the centre......helpful and courteous” – Customer Service, Seaford
Kathy Brereton – “excellent front counter service...very friendly” – Customer Service, Seaford
Amanda MacDonald – “fantastic classes, loved the variety” - Fitness Instructor, Seaford
Jess Martin – “Great technique” - Fitness Instructor, Seaford
Jess Dover – “always smiling and friendly when I come to the gym” – Customer Service, Marion
Amanda Di Giusto – “the ultimate motivator”- Group Fitness, Marion
Michael Woodforde – “makes exercising an enjoyable experience”- Personal Trainer, Marion
Elena Pecorari – “provides great service” – Customer Service, Alice Springs
Alan McLean – “always helpful for us in the morning” – Cleaner, Alice Springs