Employee of the Month - April, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

MICHAEL WOODFORDE - Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre

Here at Casa Leisure we’re passionate about the community and all things leisure related including health & fitness and genuinely enjoy seeing people get active. Michael Woodforde is one staff member in particular who embodies these sentiments. In fact, Michael has recently ‘gone the extra mile’ in the true sense of the expression. When one of our members, and Michael’s training clients, tragically lost their spouse (who also trained with Michael) he went out of his way to support, encourage and generally help in any way he could. In his own time, and off his back. Specifically, this has involved providing transport for this member for general errands and assistance to maintain as much as possible a fitness ‘outlet’ and routine. It’s these kinds of caring and compassionate acts that make us proud to have an employee like Michael on the books!

Additionally, over many years with the company, Michael has taken on many varied roles and tasks in addition to his primary role as gym coordinator. Some of these have included running the monthly market, grounds maintenance, general maintenance within the gym, sport programming and general customer service to name but a few. Michael’s larrikin personality certainly livens up the gym and general work environment for all customers and coworkers. It’s for these reasons plus a few more that Michael is a deserved winner of our Employee of the Month.

Well done Michael.

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:

A special mention is needed for the entire crèche team at Marion (Karen Tulett, Michelle Freshney, Alex Douglas, Shannon Wright, Jessica Vermeeren, Anastasia Giannias & Jess Dover) who received some awesome feedback from a member about the high quality care and support provided for parents and their children. Well done to all.

Mandy Di Giusto – “Gets everyone motivated….and smiling” – Group Fitness, Marion
Rhonda Lello – “always gets that little bit extra out of me”….. “Lives the classes”- Group Fitness, Marion
Jess Martin – “easy to follow”- Group Fitness, Marion
Leith Pacini – “shows initiative….and ensuring gym bookings run smoothly” – Customer Service, Marion
Kate Stimpson – “fantastic instructor”.... “helpful & friendly” - Group fitness & Customer Service, St Clair
Jess Knight – “provides great service”- Crèche, St Clair
Samara Papazaharias – “great motivator”.... “her classes are fantastic” - Group Fitness, St Clair
Beau Dolan – “provides lots of expertise”.... “always helps with correct technique and tips” – Gym & PT, St Clair
Peter O’Dare – “excellent service…..gives good golf advice” – Customer Service, Valley View
Matt Mylrea – “willingness to go the yard for customers…..and relaxed nature”, Customer Service, Valley View
Ashlee Fagermo – “great classes and motivator”, Group fitness & Customer Service, Seaford
Ben Gillespie – “friendly…..good job running the centre”, Manager, Seaford