Employee of the Month, July 2013

Thursday, Aug 22, 2013

TAMARA ARMSTRONG - Marion Leisure and Fitness Centre & The Hub

We’re fortunate to have someone as dedicated and committed to her job and our business as Tamara. In addition to Tamara’s normal role, in recent months Tamara accepted the unenviable task of coordinating operations at the Hub which has been done with a minimum of fuss in difficult circumstances. Over the past month Tamara has again assisted in whatever role is required on numerous occasions – customer service, delivering vac care sessions or Playgym – with little or no notice. Undoubtedly a worthy winner!

My background at Casa Leisure: I have been with Casa Leisure for over 8 years working in various roles. I started by doing Playgym once a week, then went to down to Seaford full time, and now am based at Marion (& the Hub) part time where I wear many hats including administration, OHS for all the centre’s, coordinating vacation care, human resources, organising uniforms, running and organising training, the occasional CSO shift and whatever else Rob or Teal throw my way!

Something about work I enjoy: The variety of roles I have it keeps the job interesting plus the flexibility I have is great with my young children. There is also great support from management and often opportunities to take on new roles and develop skills. Having a free gym membership is great too!

Away from work: I play tennis, go to the gym (at Casa of course), running, I enjoy reading, cooking, eating and spending time with my family.

A favourite quote or saying: Not necessarily my favourite quote but I do use it a lot when my kids say ‘how can you do that so quickly/well’ – “Practice my dear Watson, practice”

If I was stuck on desert island..: I would want a few good books, a boat, a hat and a knife!!

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:
Sarah Read – “great to have her back!”.... “sensational instructor” – Group Fitness, Marion
Jess Bennett – ‘incredibly helpful and dynamic’.... ‘Shows good leadership’ – Operations, Marion
Kate Still – “great classes....motivating and brilliant” – Group Fitness, Marion
Angie Keast – “Made me feel really welcome...so lovely” – Crèche, Marion
Jasmin Lade – “such a great trainer”.... “really enjoy sessions with Jaz” – Personal Trainer Marion
Adam Plociennik – A freaking awesome instructor” – Group Fitness, Marion
Tyler Simmons – always willing to help cover shifts– Customer Service, Marion
Michael Tulett – polite with the children – Junior Soccer, Marion
Jess Martin – “Fabulous instruction” – Group Fitness, Marion
Jay Burgman – “awesome Fatburner class” – Group Fitness, Marion
Michelle Freshney – “wonderful with the children” – Crèche, Marion
Chelsea Lane – “Awesome instruction and motivation....always a smiling face” – Instructor, Seaford
Soenaid Corr – Covering classes with short notice – Instructor, Seaford
Beau Dolan – ‘being thorough in my orientation...ensuring my needs were met’ – Gym Instructor, St Clair
Erin Rae, Kate Stimpson & Tess Cunningham – “helping out in the Crèche” – Customer Service, St Clair