Employee of the Month, January 2013

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013

JEREMY ROBERTS - Alice Springs Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Jeremy found his was to Casa Leisure at the Alice Springs Aquatic & Leisure Centre via the previous operator (July 2012). Since this time Jeremy has made himself an incredibly valuable part of the facility’s operation, acting in a senior lifeguard and plant maintenance capacity.

Jeremy is a tireless contributor to the pool’s success, opening bright and earlier each weekday morning and often working extended hours across the individual day and weeks – including his scheduled days-off. Of particular note has been Jeremy’s workload over the summer holidays. Plant issues were minimal during the peak season, primarily due to the work Jeremy does behind the scenes maintaining water quality and plant operations, even during power outages and extreme weather. Jeremy always makes himself available to the Centre’s needs and demonstrates a commitment to the workplace and his co-workers.

Jeremy is also a leader amongst the lifeguards, and recently his quick thinking and lifeguard skills were used to remove a struggling child from the water – an effort acknowledged by users of the pool. Keep up the great work Jeremy!

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:
Michelle Freshney – “exceptional in decorating the crèche (pictures, craft work, posters)…highly reliable” – Crèche, Marion
Jess Martin – “great attention to detail and technique” - Group Fitness, Marion
Brock DiGiusto – “terrific service and manners, unbelievably cheery”- Customer Service, Marion
Deb Stephens – “Great effort with Vac care” – Vacation Care, Marion
Ashlee Fagermo – “We love her….awesome instructor”- Fitness Instructor, Seaford
Ashley Harding – “Awesome motivator”… and “her PUMP classes are the best!” - Fitness Instructor, Seaford
Charlie Williams – “friendly and helpful” – Customer Service, Seaford
Kate Stimpson – “helping me out at the gym” – Fitness Instructor, St Clair
Erin Rae – …for the general quality of service provided – Customer Service, St Clair