Employee of the Month, September 2012

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012

ELENA PECORARI - Alice Springs Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Elena is an extremely valuable and well respected team member at the Alice Springs Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Is there anything she can’t (or doesn’t) do? In addition to the customer service, administration and lifeguarding currently undertaken in her ‘normal’ role, Elena recently completed the Aqua instructor course and will now commence teaching Aqua-aerobics.

The fact patrons regularly ask for Elena is an indication of her strong customer focus, and like other Alice Springs staff in recent weeks, Elena has stepped up to ensure the facility operates safely and effectively for the local community. You could describe Elena as well prepared and organised,
such that tasks are completed efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss. If you ask for something to be completed or followed up, chances are Elena has already done it!

We’re fortunate to have quality young people like Elena in Alice Springs who demonstrate an enthusiasm for their job, and a commitment to the local community through their attitude to the workplace. Elena displays a maturity beyond her young years and is fantastic role model to other staff at the Centre. Great stuff Elena.

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:

Joe Mammone – “Pushing me to the limit” – Personal Trainer, St Clair
Beau Dolan – “Provides good advice and help” – Personal Trainer, St Clair
Tracey Lewis – “Doing a great job, provides different activities for different age groups” – Crèche, St Clair
Teal Watkins – Offered support to assist in the management of other sites including Seaford & Alice Springs – Manager, St Clair
Maddi Honor – “friendly, good communication” - Group Fitness, Marion
Jess Martin – “Always puts in so much effort” – Group Fitness, Marion
Amanda Di Giusto – “Covers so many areas at Marion….most days is here early in the morning and leaving after dark” – Customer Service & Fitness, Marion
Deb Stephens – Great work coordinating VC roster and running the holiday program – Vacation Care, Marion
Tamara Armstrong – Additional support with operations at Seaford & Hub – Administration, Marion
Adam Plociennik – “Great class, very motivating” – Group Fitness, Marion
Chris Chambers – “love the Zumba” – Group Fitness, Seaford
Brad Wood – “offering to long hours when needed…..taking the initiative to practice water rescues in his own time” – Life Guard, Alice Springs
Freddie Couldwell – “consistently working long hours to help out in difficult, with a friendly & courteous manner with patrons” – Life Guard, Alice Springs
Alison Corrigan – Since returning from Canada has work tirelessly to ensure the centre and programs are operating well for the community – Aquatics Coordinator, Alice Springs