Employee of the Month, November 2012

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

NICOLE ZETTER - Hub Recreation Centre

As an active, enthusiastic member at the Hub Recreation Centre you will often see Nicole participating in the morning group fitness classes. Otherwise, Nicole is employed as one of our crèche team - which came about several years ago after volunteering when we were shortstaffed.

As a crèche staff member, Nicole has always been reliable, fun and engaging with children and parents. However it is the extra things Nicole does, outside of her employed role, that warrant recognition. Nicole regularly uses her own time to promote the Hub Recreation Centre within the local community. This has included developing and distributing flyers to parents at local schools, kindergartens and the gymnastics club. This initiative is without any prompting or encouragement from Management, and is simply a reflection of her commitment to the centre and local community. What’s more, over the past few months Nicole’s actions have directly resulted in new members joining the gym.

Nicole’s initiative is greatly appreciated and worthy of recognition through the Employee of the Month award. Well done Nicole.

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:
Charlie Williams – “Great advice” & “always very personable” – Customer Service, Seaford
Chris Chambers – “The best class I’ve been to….great motivation and energy” – Group Fitness, Seaford
Jessica Martin – “BodyBalance is perfect- Group fitness” Group Fitness, Seaford
Michael Woodforde – “Great motivator for gym members” – Gym & PT, Marion
Martin Sumner – “willing to help out” & “provides quality service to members and teams” – Customer Service, Hub
Claire Traegust – “very friendly, helpful and positive worker” – Lifeguard, Alice Springs
Brad Wood – “Doing extra little things and demonstrating good pool etiquette” – Lifeguard, Alice Springs
Teal Watkins – Accepted a temporary Management role for Casa Leisure in Alice Springs & relocated for 6 weeks – Manager, St Clair
Gemma McKenzie – “excellent customer service and nice to the children” – Customer Service, St Clair
Erin Rae – “Helping with training” – Customer Service, St Clair
Brice Rutter – “Always accommodating and flexible with his time, and has improved the weekday cleaning at centre” – Cleaner, St Clair
Kate Stimpson – “Training support for staff” – Memberships, St Clair