Employee of the Month - May, 2012

Saturday, Jun 9, 2012

ASHLEE FAGERMO - Seaford Recreation Centre

Ashlee has worked with Casa Leisure in a number of roles at most of our facilities. At the moment, Ashlee is based in the Seaford Recreation Centre (CSO, Personal Trainer, Membership’s, Group Fitness – is there anything she can’t do!) but also takes a permanent fitness class at the Hub Recreation Centre, has covered Playgym at Marion and regularly helps with our Vacation Care program. Whilst Ashlee commenced working with us a gym instructor, she shows great initiative, and continues to accept any challenge or opportunity presented, or offered to her.

Ashlee is highly motivated, energetic and her enthusiasm is recognised by staff and members in our centres. In recent time Ashlee has been instrumental in re-launching the Club 13/16 program, growing kid’s fitness classes and introducing a Friday night 8-week fitness program at Seaford. And as a result has received a large number of nominations from members during the past month too.

Below is a selection of nomination comments received during May:

“what great motivator we have in Ashlee…..we want more of her!!”
“so friendly and energetic every time I come to the centre”
“…more sessions with Ashlee, she really challenges my performance an motivates me to reach my goals”
“..the ultimate motivator”

Bravo Ashlee. Keep up the great work.

Congratulations to all other monthly nominees:

Tyler Simmons – went out of his way, in his own time, to open the Hub for fellow staff member- CSO/ Sports, Marion & Hub
Jess Dover – “friendly service….always helpful” – Customer Service, Marion
Rhonda Lello – “motivational plus”- Group Fitness, Marion
Tijanna Bibis – “covering extra shifts at short notice…a champion” – Customer Service, Marion
Mandy Di Giusto – “A great motivator” – Group Fitness, Marion
Michael Woodforde – “…he makes coming to gym and exercise so much fun” – Fitness Instructor / PT, Marion
Jess Martin – “great technique”- Group Fitness, Marion
Leith Pacini – “friendly and helpful….very polite” – Customer Service, Seaford